1st Visit back to 4D

On Friday June 2 I had to pick up some supplies from SickKids and I decided to bring Sasha along so she could visit all her friends. I was nervous to enter those doors again but visiting 4D was (like always) a great experience. It was strange being a visitor in a place we considered home for a long time. Luckily, Sasha did not seem upset by the experience which calmed my nerves. Lorna came along for the ride and was bragging about how incredible Sasha is. It was really great to see everyone, even though we didn't see EVERYONE. Dr. Russell came by for a quick hello. I always feel so lucky to have met Dr. Jennifer Russell. She has always played such an important role in Sasha's care and she has always managed Jonathan and I with the perfect balance of compassion and professionalism. Her energy and views on life have always complimented our goals for Sasha and we are forever grateful to Dr. Russell for all the time and consideration she has given to our family. She has had a tremendous impact on our lives and she will always have a special place in our hearts.
Well, the 1st visit back to SickKids was cool, calm and casual ( even though my body temp is HOT, HOT, HOT!) I am hoping that it will not be our last SOCIAL visit to 4D because I know that Sasha loves seeing all the friendly faces.

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