Swinging in sun and sand

Went for a couple hours walk, starting with Sheryl and a quick catch up on some humane middle east ideas and voices and then took off to check out some new park stuff. Sasha was happy throughout, reclining back second half and then ending up babbling nicely to herself on the final stretch home. At Hill Crest park we met another Sasha (a 1 1/2 year old? lil boy) and a cute tiny pug with similar black and white colours to Sam. All was idylic until Sam bared his teeth when pug and Sasha were very close to babygirl and Sasha ran off crying. Luckily Granny knew not to leave things there and brought him back, though his only interest was to run squeeling after pug. The sand box is near the edge of the hill overlooking Toronto, laid out through a scrim of big cover and trees. We were so excited to see the bright new jungle gym, climbing wall and sitting toys, alongside the sets of swings. So I kicked the tennis ball holding Sasha so Sam could do his athletic mid air recoveries and then laid her gently in a swing. She was momentarily upset and then got comfortable and hung in the sun above the sand and took it all in as I told her many people work their whole lives to sway in the sun over the sand.

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