So Many Birthday Wishes

This evening Lisa Hoffman (Sasha's OT) dropped by the house with many birthday gifts and cards for Sasha from 4D. I can't believe how thoughtful everyone has been and it warms my heart that Sasha made such an impact in such a small amount of time. The past couple of days have been challenging as Sasha has not been sleeping well and is not that happy during the day. I don't know if she is uncomfortable or just bored. Jonathan is hopeful that she will walk again but I would be satisfied with her being more interactive like she used to be.

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  1. Anonymous5:31 PM

    Happy Belated Birthday to Sasha!
    This is Megan Carricato (I'm the GI dietitian from GI clinic and on 6A). Although I didn't get to know you well, I think of Sasha often and wonder how she is doing. I was told about her website and I think it is so amazing that you have put this together. It is great that you are able to have this time with Sasha and to be able to celebrate her birthday!! She is so strong and so beautiful and you both have done an amazing job with her. Take care. You are all in my thoughts!