Dear Sash

Mia sleeps, watched by Sasha and looking onto her picture
Your baby sister is very pink, latched immediately and we came home as quickly as Mt Sinai could discharge us. The complete opposite of you, sweet girl. She had no bruises, just a tiny symetric indent on the front of her crown. At one moment Mia's respiration was fast and so she was hooked up in the nursing station to a saturation monitor and the floor pediatrician asked for a complete blook check and blood pressure taken on arms and legs. Everything checked out and the fast breathing was put down to a tight diaper and having just had a feed but hanging out with the sat monitor again naturally took us right back to you. Your sister drinks so much that Momma cannot keep up. Sash, you are such a big little girl and so many people remarked that you helped your little sister by letting us give birth without having to leave you. Many people think the timing is more than just remarkable. And as a veteran of Sick Kids I know you would be so happy that little Mia popped out quick and is pinker than pink and looks so healthy. We spoke of you often and had a long talk with the social worker about you and us and little Mia. I love to think and talk about you Sash because although we miss you so much, and sometimes when we talk of you we have to stop and compose ourselves, we are so proud and amazed by what you did and who you were and we love to share it with people. So, ok, today we are going to choose your coffin, which should be a quick affair because we want our little girl to have a very humble coffin because we think that is the right thing. And then we have to get the notices to The Toronto Star telling everyone about you. And then before we know it, it will be time to meet again on Sunday to put your pretty little shell into the ground with lots of friends. Its really hard not to think of you because all your fun stuff is in the house and I think of you everytime I see chips, and there are a lot of bags of chips in this world. But that's ok, now that Mia has joined us I have lots of time to think of you and you know that I will always talk to you and you live in our hearts forever. And at the same time Mia needs her own love and attention and so we will set up another web log for Mia Ruby so we can link back and forth and let each of you have your own room. Enjoy the picures of your little sister.

Mia and Mom or MAMMAMIA! as Ofer said

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  1. dear sasha,

    i'm sorry that i can't be there on sunday. you must know that i carry your picture in my wallet and think about you everyday. you are such a strong little girl, such a fighter,and so beautiful. angels do exist. your mommy and daddy miss you so much, i've never seen them happier as they were with you. i haven't met your baby sister yet, but i'm sure she feels your spirit and your strength and protection, and one day we will all be able to tell her fun stories about you. (although i'm sure pami and johnny have already started!) i love you very much, and will never stop thinking about are in our hearts and thoughts forever and ever. the last time i saw you about a month ago, i was video taping you, we had some grilled cheese (i took some of yours cause raina wouldn't share with me..i know, i know..but it was yummy!) you just lit up the camera..i couldn't take my eyes off of you.

    you are a big sister now, and i know you are watching over mia, and will help her to grow into a beautiful person too like you are. i thank you for bringing so much love and happiness into our lives. i love you sasha.


    i cannot wait to meet you. right now pictures are how i must know you, but we will be out to toronto soon. take care of your mommy and daddy, help them to be strong. i believe sasha helped you come into this world, and you helped her to sleep. i was never fortunate enough to have a sister, you two are so very lucky in so many ways. try to always remember that. and even though you two didn't meet on this earth, i believe you have in fact already met eachother. can't wait to meet you mia.

    i love you all very much. xoxoxo mongo