Sasha's 2nd Birthday

Well, we are lucky to enough to celebrate our little peaches birthday today with most of our family. Sasha was so excited that she was turning 2 that she did not sleep the first 5 hours of June 6. Our day was pretty busy with preparing the house for our family. Lynn and Raina spent most of the day at the house with us and they were a huge help in the prep.
Jonathan and I were able to slip away to get some groceries while Sasha took an extra long nap with Raina. The guests started to arrive around 5pm and by 6pm the party was in full swing. All of Sasha's grandparents and most of her aunts,uncles and cousins(Jess, Of, and Erin absent) were able to attend and the weather held up which allowed us to spend the whole time in the backyard. We presented Sasha with her birthday cake and I couldn't keep my eyes off of Jonathan who sang her birthday song with tears rolling down his face. It was an emotional day for us knowing that this will likely be Sasha's last birthday with us.
After we all gobbled down our yummy Loblaw's cake, Sasha was ready for a change of scene. Bubby and Lynn took her for a little promenade around the neighbourhood while we did a little clean up.
While we were giving Sasha her medcine, we started opening her gifts but her tiredness cut the gift opening short. Nonetheless, we want to thank everyone for all the beautiful gifts for Sasha. We also want to thank the palliative care team at Mt. Sinai for sending the birthday balloon bouquet for was very thoughtful.
It was a wonderful birthday day spent with our little girl and we want to thank everyone who thought of Sasha today. Stay tuned for some birhtday pics either on the blog or on her website.

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  1. Anonymous10:15 AM

    sorry that we could not be there on your birthday but we thought of you all day long (and always).
    kisses and hugs and more kisses!

    love auntie jessie