Help patient and family centered care at SickKids

SickKids Children's Council and Family Centered Care Advisory Council and Families as Partners in Patient Safety seek patients and families and staff to work to advance SickKids patient and family centered care.

Family Education Day 2012 at SickKids is on April 1 - save the date

Strengthening Relationships in Child Health Care: Navigating, Advocating & Communicating

Draft agenda (to be confirmed in February)

9:00-9:15    Registration, coffee & socializing in the rotunda   

9:15-10:00     Welcome and opening keynote (to be announced)

10.00 - 12.00 Panels where possible co-facilitated by staff and parents

- Strengthening parent-provider relationships through stories of positive communication and successful partnership 

- Strengthening family resilience, Self Care and Sibling Support

- Strengthening child autonomy in their health care team relationships, transitions and the adolescent-adult transition

- Strengthening patient and family voice: preparing children and youth for proceedures and helping patients and families speak up

- Rights and Resources including financial benefits and credits and educational supports

12:00-1:00 Lunch and networking - tables include materials from FCCAC, hospital groups & relevant outside groups

1:00-2:00   Panel with staff and parents discussing collaboration and communication and strengthening relationships

Sessions will have written materials for participants and participants will be asked to fill out evaluation forms to improve next year's education day.

Marcel Panas new Family Centered Care Coordinator at Stollery Children's Hospital

Stollery NICU has added a wonderful NICU dad, bereaved dad and experienced family advisory member to their team to champion patient and family centered care. Family members hired by health facilities is a small, growing and important health care treasure to be celebrated. Congratulations Marcel, NICU and Stollery!
I am pleased to announce that Marcel Panas has accepted the part-time position of Family Centred Care Coordinator at the Stollery Children’s Hospital.

Marcel has been a very active family member on the Stollery Family Centred Care Network, serving as co-chair of the Family Centred Care Council and as a member of the NICU Family Advisory Care Team.  Marcel has worked at Bellamy Software for the past 13 years managing the development of software products.  He has a vast experience in project management, and leading teams of individuals in both his professional and volunteer roles.  He is currently working on a Bachelor of Health Administration degree.  Marcel brings with him a broad range of experience both professionally and as a father, and has a great passion in serving the children and families within the health care system.

Please join me in welcoming Marcel to this new role as we continue in our journey of becoming a centre of excellence reflecting the principles of Family Centred Care.


Heather Mattson McCrady
Manager, Family Centred Care
Stollery Children’s Hospital
Read more from Marcel at the Panas family website.