An abundance

The shiva has allowed us to relax and reminisce with friends. Meals are brought for us and we are asked not to do any cleaning or introducing people or setting out food. I am happy with Pamela's decision to honour Sasha with a week of shiva. When we saw the full box of middle eastern food at lunchtime we invited the providers to join us and we had a nice meal with Michelle and Mimi and Penny and Doug. Hersh and Pauline dropped by and the conversation turned to family time and Penny and Doug could not be more enthusiastic about family camp, where they go with there two boys each summer. Meals are taken care of along with activities for the kids. Sounds like a wonderful family experience. So much food we had to send some back with Penny and Doug. Shirley and Les then brought us more delicious middle east food from Me Va Me and the family helped us polish it off. An abundance of food, warmth and consideration.

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