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A friend put it well last night, You seem in better shape than we are. We are sad however we have had months to digest that Sash was not bouncing back and that she had weeks and months, not years, with us. Our friends on the other hand get little updates once in a while and are in some cases a bit speechless at the news of Sasha's passing and Mia's appearance.

Yesterday we visited Benjamins Funeral Services to deal with the arrangements. Lots of decisions and details: the type of casket, the newspaper obituaries, delivery of prayer books, special low seats for immediate family, a wash basin to sit outside the house for people to wash their hands, a car to pick up family and drive them to the cemetary, a call to the traffic cops to get a number for those people who get tickets while visiting the house, signed papers that Benjamins will do the ID before burial as there is no open casket, discussion about whether we needed people to lead services etc. Benjamins picked Sash up and she has been looked after by them since Tuesday, there is apparently a man who is always with the bodies. A hundred little details that are supposed to be taken care of by others, so you dont have to worry about them and can properly grieve. The period of mourning will start after the funeral and go until Thursday, at which time we will walk the block together to signal the end of Shiva.

Benjamins waived their fees due to Sasha's circumstances and we wish to thank them for their generosity and kindness. We were quite bowled over by that.

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  1. Dear Sasha and Mia,

    Your parents are incredibly brave keeping up with this wonderful website. I personally thank them both for allowing us all a glimpse of both of your everyday lives, it really does inspire. They say it best; they are in better shape than the rest of us! We do feel speechless, awed, scared of the emotions that have accumulated over the past few weeks. We are all afraid of saying the wrong thing, or of not knowing what to say...

    My sister (Cheryl) wrote this to me the other day as I sat in tears of sadness and tears of joy for both of you, I'd thought I'd share it with you....

    “I do think that Sasha and Mia were able to meet each other, hold hands, hug and laugh for a little while until each one had to go onto their separate journeys...and no matter what, they will always be sisters and that is a bond that can't be broken!

    My prayers are with Pam, Johnny, Sasha and Mia at this tragic/wonderful time.”

    Cyndi xoxoxo