We only have 1 peach in our basket

Well, the week is almost over and none of what happened seems real. Since the passing of Sasha on Tuesday evening, her little sister Mia Ruby has come into the world nearly 12 hours later. We brought Mia home from the hospital tonight as we sat in our hospital room for almost 2 days looking at HSC from our window. As we were driving up to the house, tears streamed down both our faces. Such mixed emotions.....when Sasha was born we never had the this time like we have for Mia. Shortly after Sasha's birth, she was taken to HSC.
As I walked into our house, I could only see Sasha everywhere. I really wanted her to meet Mia; I wanted our whole family to be together under one roof. Sasha's funeral is Sunday ... Gonna have to finish this later.


  1. I am so sorry to hear of Sasha's passing but you know I think she helped Mia come into this world to help you, she didn't want you to be left alone. Congratulations on baby Mia and I will continue to pray for Sasha, she really touched my life.

    Your friend in Australia

  2. Anonymous7:27 AM

    I am deeply saddened that Sasha is not with you anymore.
    I know that her spirit will remain on this earth forever, in all of the people that she touched through her bravery and determination. She taught us all that life is precious, and brought out the best in you both, Pam and Johnny, and in your families.

    Seeing Sasha's photograph in Mia's bassinette assured me that her baby sister will somehow know her.

    I never believed in angels before, but all that curly blond hair had to have been for something. I think her wings must have grown in by now and she's ready for her next job of making sure you all continue to love and take care of eachother.

    All of my love,

  3. So pleased to read you are home. Congratulations on the news of the arrival of Mia Ruby. I thank you for continuing to share as we continue to pray for Sasha, her Mum , Dad and little sister, Mia. We are with you in spirit. The photo of the two sisters is very special indeed.love from Cape Town .... hugs Susan, Steve and Michael xxx

  4. I have been following Sasha's story for the last month, since your family posted on the AGS website. I am truly sorry for your loss. I do not know you personally, however just reading your postings I am amazed by your strength. Thank you so much for sharing Sasha's story with the rest of the AGS families and keeping us updated on the arrival of your new baby girl. She is beautiful. My thoughts and prayers will be with you and your family.

    Your new friend in Maryland,