lazy Sunday filled with visitors

Sasha woke up earlier than usual this morning at 10am after having a very restless sleep. I was a bit groggy until I got some coffee into me and I was looking forward to walking today because it we were stuck inside yesterday due to the crummy weather. MaLou, Sasha's new caregiver came by at 11am to spend some time with us and she took Sasha for a walk until around 1pm. She is a wonderful woman with a tremendous spirit and we are looking forward to her being apart of our family. I was just about to get into the shower when two of our most favourite people were knocking at our door: Tessie and Riley. What a pleasant surprise! Sasha seemed really happy to see them and had a little visit before she went for a nap. Jonathan and I had a nice visit with the ladies and by the time they were leaving Sasha was up to say goodbye. It was awesome seeing them and were so thoughtful to remember Sasha's birthday and brought her a card. We look forward to many more visits from them.
Raina, Granny and Grampy came for a visit before she became very cranky and obviously needed an early sleep. Tomorrow is another day filled with surprises with Sasha and hopefully her little sister will give me an easier time so I can be more active tomorrow.
Hope everyone had a great weekend!


  1. I just wanted to wish Sasha an early birthday for tommorow, what a special day for you all. I stumbled across your blog and have continued to pray for you all.

  2. noah and i will be thinking about sasha bella on her birthday- pammy we wanna swing by for a visit- maybe tomorrow around dinner time? xoxo emma jo

  3. Anonymous10:48 PM

    Wishing Sasha all the best for a wonderful birthday celebration tomorrow. We too will be having celebrations here for our birthday, and will be thinking of you all. You amaze me kiddo! Hugs and Kisses :)

  4. Anonymous7:47 AM

    Happy birthday to Sasha Bella!
    J and I are sending big, sloppy kisses her way and hope that she has a fun birthday.
    Looking forward to seeeing some photos of her big day.

    Lots of love,
    Anita and J