Hamba gahle, go well, Sasha Bella, from Granny

My Dearest Sasha Bella

Your Mom and Dad call you their precious gift, Sasha the beautiful - this name refers not only to your gorgeous blonde curly hair and smiling eyes but your absolutely beautiful nature - you epitomize courage, feistiness, gentleness, gratitude, vitality, and most importantly an incredible joy, which has touched all who have been privileged to know - and therefore to love- you. You inspire us and as a great teacher you have imparted much wisdom in 24 months. You are like a meteor that shines very brightly and then moves through space in a swift trajectory; yet you will always shine in our hearts and minds. You have been showered with love - from the moment of your birth your Mom and Dad have prized your happiness above all else and they have admirably succeeded. No words can adequately describe Pam and Jonathan’s loving and selfless commitment to you - you have responded with gratitude and joy in a circle of endless love.

Your parents realized their wish for you to spend your last days at home surrounded by people and familiar joys you loved. The days turned out to be 5 weeks and each day was especially valued with many poignant moments - especially the celebration of your 2nd birthday. When you left Sick Kids hospital you were given gifts and large cards with messages from nurses and doctors on 4D, the cardiac ward, which became your home away from home. Many thanked you, Sasha, for your inspiration and your gift of upliftment. They clearly conveyed their admiration and love for you as well as their respect and amazement at your parent’s total dedication which many regard as an exemplary model for themselves. We are grateful to all who cared for you
during these 2 years and helped you, dear Sashie, to keep smiling. Your inspiring journey has been documented on your own website. Photos and videos celebrate your charisma and the blog entries from your Mom and Dad so generously share with us a process that few could even imagine. They are moving , poignant and sometimes witty and have elicited comments from far and wide showing how much you have meant to so many.

On Mother’s day you gave me the most beautiful card in which you described me as the best granny in the world. Grampy Henry and I have been privileged to have 6 grandchildren in the past six years. (Your sister, Mia, miraculously arrived only 12 hours after you passed on). It has been easy to look at each grandchild in the eye and say you are the best one or three year old etc in the world. Well, Sasha, you are and always will be the best, most special little girl in the world for your Mom and Dad, for your 3 grandparents, your aunts and uncles, cousins and extended family of Steins and Blumbergs as well as friends.

Your smile, your laugh, your special gestures which set off a pattern of responses filled with joy, your shining spirit - these are indelibly imprinted in our hearts. Hamba gahle, go well, Sasha Bella. May you rest in peace. We love you so much and will always celebrate your life.

Granny Marcia Blumberg

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