To give joy somewhere else

Hi Jon and Pam

Fatts sent this message to me on the 9th of May. After reading today's blogI realised that you may want to see it. Fatts is a Bramah Kumaris and goes annually to India. There is some similarity with the Buddhist message. I loved walking Sasha today and, as usual, spoke with her the whole timepointing out flowers, cars, dogs, etc. I also sang to her. She often made sounds back or mimicked a sound I made.

Tomorrow I will remember to takehome my hat. I hope that you receive this message in the morning and are notup and awake like me. I also meant to write in my comment how special that Pesach seder was. Absolutely unforgettable. I send you 3 my fondest love - Henry does too because I know what is in his heart but he is snoring now.


I made a special request in class after spoke to you and we had meditation for her. This child came to you because you're a special family she needed your family because she knew that she would receive all the love and the care in the world and she did please don't take sorrow rejoice because you were given an angel for a moment and now she has to go and give joy somewhere else. If she hadn't come to your family she might not have had any joy to give to her next family I send her and all of you my family good wishes and pure feelings.

Fatima Dike
LANGA, Cape Town, South Africa

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