Sleepless Nights

Well, it seems that very little has changed in the sleeping department with Sasha. I had been sleeping in the house alone for so long that I had forgotten what poor sleeping habits Sasha (and dad) have. Sasha demands that we are by her side when she is sleeping and she does not tolerate us being far from her bedside. Before her surgery in December, I was determined to change her habits post-op so that our household could sleep more sleepily at night. BUT, Sasha has other plans for us. She is relentless and to be honest, sleep training at this point seems impossible. At this point I am more worried about the sleep habits of Sasha's soon to be born sibling. Will Jonathan and I not be able to teach this baby good sleeping habits? We never wanted Sasha to be upset and we always ran to her whenever she made a sound. Now more than ever we want her to feel safe and loved but at what cost? In my opinion, we can't continue having Sasha's sleep habits disrupt our whole household.
Anyway, maybe I will try and get some sleep in the spare room or maybe on the couch with Sammy while Sasha takes up 3/4 of our bed while Jonathan is curled up in a corner of the bed.
Good night. I hope everyone sleeps for all of us.

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