So bitter sweet

The last three weeks have been an unexpected joy culminating in celebrating Sasha's birthday today. Happy birthday sweetie!

We have managed to get through the days without thinking too much of the future yet today was different. In the grocery lineup at Loblaws, with a cart full of food and drinks and utensils for a birthday bbq in the back garden, it suddenly hit me, this was Sasha's last birthday, and I cried.

We were so happy the rain stayed away; however I made my own rain. I cried when we sang Happy Birthday, and again as Pamela and I sat out front on the stairs as Lynn took Sasha for a walk.

Sasha, we are so proud of you and so happy for every moment we have had together. You have been so brave and so good natured, even though we know you are not always comfortable. Today was a big day for you, surrounded by our growing family, thanks for hanging out with us and being so full of surprises! I love you so much Peach.



    I'm so sad I couldn't be there on this joyous day, however I'm thinking about you daily. I feel so blessed that I've been able to spend 2 vacations with you, your smile brightens a room! I hope you got a lot of cool gifts for your big 2nd bday!!!! Sorry I couldn't be there....I LOVE YOU VERY VERY VERY MUCH!!!!!


  2. Anonymous10:30 PM

    Sasha what a special day it was for us to share your 2nd birthday party. You looked gorgeous in your new pink dress. Your Mom also got the pinkest birthday cake for you.
    Everyone felt the specialness of the moment and we were all celebrating your amazing joy, your indefatigable spirit, and the beauty - inner and outer of our feisty Sasha Bella.
    Lots of hugs and kisses
    Grampy and Granny