What timing

Pamela's contractions have started, of course, why is that surprising?

I need a break, this can't be happening. I wonder if I cross my legs if that will work!


  1. Anonymous10:15 AM

    Goodbye beautiful Sasha. Although we never met personally you will forever be in our hearts. We have followed your brave journey these last few weeks since being home with your mommy and your daddy. Our Jordan couldn't believe how much you looked similar to him in some photos he has seen of himself at the same age.

    We are sure that you have already cuddled and smothered your new baby with lots of hugs and kisses. All our love and prayers go out to your Mommy and Daddy too for all their hard work in helping you have some beautiful walks together and time together these last few weeks and for helping them have the strength to celebrate your life and that of your new baby.

    All our love Sasha Bella you truly are a beautiful baby in our family of Alagille!

    Oh one last thing.... we just love your pretty wings!

  2. Hearing your voice just now put all the beauty of the lives of your children back into what would have been an otherwise very grim day. That those two spirits were somehow intertwined through the night makes the event of Mia's birth very magical. Sasha gave her little sister a helping hand to come into this world. What love that is! Angels do exist!
    Pam and Jonnie you are incredible parents and Sasha had a wonderful life, as short as it was, being home with you. You couldn't ask for a better Mommy and Daddy. Spammy -i love what an incredible woman you are and how much you continue to give. My love is with you all right now in this sad time. My heart is with you forever, because of you and your strength, it continues to open and grow.

    Love you,

    Cyndi xoxoxo

  3. ofer said to me this morning "i think they are naming the new baby mia, so that would make pammi "mamma mia!".....i had to smile and am hoping it makes you smile;)

    i miss sasha and cannot wait to meet mia.

    i love you all very much. xo mongo

  4. Anonymous8:05 PM

    sasha has not left you she is back to you with a different name and a healthier body but same happy soul

  5. as i sit at my desk...all i can think about is sasha and mia, and how they must be connected in some way. their spirits, their lives, their soul. there is no way that sasha is gone. it is impossible...because after what has happened, ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE.

    your sweet peach is still with you. always and forever.


  6. Anonymous11:43 PM

    What an amazing picture - Mia in the hospital bassinet with the beautiful photo of Sashie smiling at her new baby.
    The two sisters will always be bonded and we feel such gratitude for them both. Pam and Jon you have done an amazing job twice over. We are so happy to see you with your little miracle, Mia; we also know that Sasha will never be far from all our thoughts and hearts. Every child is one-of-a-kind but Sasha can only be described as incredible.