Mom's picks - 1st birthday and Dorset - with Dad's commentary

We had a great trip down memory lane to Sasha's delicious phase last summer from her birthday in June to a weekend near Dorset Ontario when she was on her feet and into EVERYTHING.

Sasha is more comfortable, breathing deeply but with less labour and noise - no blood has come out of her bag since about 4am.

Pammy picked Sasha giving Oliver an earful at her first birthday which is even funnier in context - uncle Noah Klar regales all ages and checks for Goons then we catch Sasha shaking, uncle Kenny tickles her and Sasha taps the food in his hand during Bingo was his Namo followed by a rousing Farmer Brown as Sash decides between shaker and crumb until Oliver lets out a roar of approval and grabs some of Sasha's arm - which sets up Pammy's pick, our girl responds.

And then moving to a wonderful weekend cottaging near Dorset, Ontario with the loud golden goddess standing in the bath, feeling a lake's ripples for the first time, walking the log bench, organizing her clothes and back at home checking out her crib's drawers.

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  1. I too want to echo my thanks for Sasha's blog and website. The love her parents have for her and her own tenacity and strength practically emanate from the computer screen through the video clips and stories from Sasha's life.

    Lisa S.