Goodbye to Sick Kids 4D

I took a last walk to get coffee, camcorder running, thinking I would forget the animal painted hallways.

The day flew by. Trips to the car with the stroller, carrying out the animals and books and drawing boards and talking toys.

Choking up as we eventually walked past the nurses station where doctors and nurses milled to send us off.

Starting to feel the moment in the underground parking as we reached the car and looked at Sasha and ourselves and Sasha smiled.

Walking up the steps, watching her little face focusing intently. Still processing. And then a slow walk through the house, first the den where she had played, Sam twisting and turning and barking happily, then the kitchen where we pushed the buttons of a banjo playing fridge toy and watched her evolving intensity. Did she remember?

Then up to her room, to see the crib she had refused to sleep in, the books, the lovely flower light on the wall, the row of teddies and stuffed animals piled 3 foot high and 4 foot wide.

And then on the bed we had slept in before Sick kids we laid her to rest and she started to speak, a little bubble that grew, new sounds of happiness. And she slept soundly.

The nurses came at 3 and again at dinner time to orient us and themselves. The pump was new so the night nurses took a couple hours to deconstruct and reconstruct the TPN proceedures, patiently, with humour. Everything with CCAC was about what we happened, what would make us happier, more mobile. Such a relief.

Home sweet home.

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