friday on my mind

She awoke uncomfortable and we put her back to sleep. There was no blood in the ostomy bag. I had a mixture of delicious fresh pasta. The food kept arriving and it was good. Sasha slept until about noon.

Jane dropped by baby boy Eli and Reina and Lisa were over and we brought Sasha down to say hi. Meredith dropped by with beautiful Sarah. It was just like old times.

Jeff dropped by to clear up the back. Kenny and Cindy visited. It began to rain again, I walked the plastic troughs I had laid to carry the water away from the house, enjoying the spout of water on the pavement and grass.

She just doesnt feel like sleeping tonight, she is bubbling with new words, moving the milk bottle back and forth between her hands, clasping with one and slapping with the other. Squeeks, exclamations, laughs in her throat as she drank the milk. Put the bottle down, rolled over. Another laugh, pulled at the bottle, repeat. Lorna and Reina are now hanging out while I write.

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