Living unexpectedly

Its the sixth day, almost a full cycle on the first post of the blog and we are experiencing an amazing tranquility. Sasha slept in until about noon, she continues her occasional big coughs. We saw a swirl of blood entering her bag when she awoke but then it was gone. Still was enough for us to decide to keep the octreotide going. We all went for a very slow walk and Sasha saw our neighbour Janis for the first time, she looked at her warily ;) Pam got one of her occasional sharp contractions at the end. Then I went for another walk with my mom Marcia. We enjoyed the lovely shade along Ellsworth to St Clair and then jagged down to Alcina to enjoy the big and unusual houses. Sash was just closing her eyes on our return so I carried her to bed and she slept slept from 3.45 to just after 6pm.

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