Jack Johnson, Please Play A Set At Sickkids In August

Jack, when your 2008 summer tour brings you to Oro just outside Toronto in August, please drop in at Sickkids and play a set in Canada's largest pediatric hospital. We celebrate your passion for green energy, this visit would get the red going in a place where there is a lot of blue, a lot of little miracles, where a beautiful child dies almost every day. Where children and parents surf the scariest waves life will ever blow their way. We first heard your music when one of Sasha's core nurses loaned us Curious George and we got silly and played it every bed time for 6 months. And everything was upside down and we wanted to share this love with everyone and we didn't want this feeling to go away. Now, almost two years after our little Sasha went to the Valhala of surgical heroes at age two you again reach in deep with go on. We watched Sasha fade slowly to a place we couldn't go, bound by blood and love from the moment we play you to our children. Your songs lay their fingers on our souls.

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  1. Anonymous8:15 AM

    just to clarify. one of sasha's core nurses did not bring the curious george soundtrack to sasha, but i did....ohhhhh the details!!!!!!!!!
    sasha's mom