"Does that sound strange?"

Diane Flacks checked in with us a year and a half after Catherine Dunphy visited in August 2006. I was happy that Diane focused on Pamela's story and that between candid moments you can see how parents grieve differently. We can argue about almost anything, including shopping lists, and I was about to say I don't remember any arguments between us over Sasha or her care but that isn't true. Small conversations bubble to the surface of my memory about whether to talk more with so and so, or for me not to take off an evening and go for beers with friends. Pamela's strength and presence let me checkout in some respects, at times. Each night she handed me a reminder list as she left around 11pm to endure sleepless night, pregnant and alone in our house before returning for another full long day at Sickkids. Weathering The Unimaginable was published in Saturday's Toronto Star.

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  1. Anonymous2:37 PM

    its a very tumultuous storm. i think there is a tornado involved. we are at the eye of it!