2008 Labatt Heart Centre Nurse Award

In preparation for Nursing Centre Awards of Excellence this Tuesday May 13, the fund and Sickkids staff selected two nurses who demonstrated excellence in their family-centred care practise. A big thanks to the 2008 committee comprising Lori Burton, Christine Clark, Misty Earle, Linda Fazari, Carrie Heffernan, Tessie Koonthanam, Kathleen Johnston, Dr Jennifer Russell and Sherry Reestevens. It was an amazing collection of specialized paediatric expertise; almost all had cared for Sasha at one time. Tessie and Cecilia Hyslop promoted the award in CCU and 4, Trisha Sutton wrote two nomination letters and Cecilia wrote a nomination and organized the certificate printing and framing so that these awards look like all the other nursing centre award certificates.

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