Educational Documentaries on family centred care and interprofessional practise

The educational video effort organized by the IPP team is now in day 16 of filming and I was invited to talk about family centred care. For a few hours the director's focus changed from hand held camera to a fixed setup in the Atrium boardroom. I entered the room to find it taken over by crew and gear and was ushered to the makeup chair where Ava turned by ruddy complexion skin shade and I practiced some talking points with Marc. It was my first full make up and professional filming and I found the preparation fascinating in its adjustment of light tones, hairs and incredible concern about skin shine. I had only seen husband and wife director team Marc and Marcy Stone at the IPP retreat where they were continually lobbed pointed questions about the challenge of separating IPP and FCC into two movies so it was good to see them in their element, relaxed, focused and professional. It's a tall order to answer questions and present heart felt bullet points about family centred care in 20 minutes but I was very happy for the opportunity (though tight time slots are great practice for focusing on essentials). Unsure if anything I said was crisp enough to make two 30 minute videos I was relieved to hear that social worker David Nicholas has arranged for all footage to be used for further research.

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