Canadian Family Advisory Network is at CAPHC October 2011

If you volunteer or work at a pediatric care facility and are passionate about family and staff partnership in children's health then you want to attend the CFAN workshop on October 17, 2011 in Ottawa. Here are the main bits of the co-chair's most recent update on the workshop and CAPHC conference - note the last item about new, monthly professional development tele-sessions for family-centered care workers.

CFAN at the Canadian Association of Paediatric Health Centres Conference (CAPHC) in Ottawa - Saturday October 15th and Sunday October 16th, 2011

We are very excited to announce that Dr. Karen Wayman, Endowed Director of Family Centered Care at Lucile Packard Children's Hospital at Stanford will be our keynote speaker and afternoon workshop facilitator. Karen's attendance has been made possible through the generous support of CAPHC and Children's Health Foundation.

The CFAN Workshop Planning Committee is collaborating with Christine Kouri, Patient/Family Representative and Coordinator for Patient/Family Centred Care and the Family Forum at CHEO, to plan this one and a half day event. CFAN members who have suggestions or ideas about topics you would like us to consider please send an email by the end of April. We will use past evaluation along with our discussions with Karen to inform our agenda.

Important Registration Information: Family Advisors who do not have a budget to attend the CFAN workshop will be granted a complimentary registration. Members will need to obtain a code that will be given to them by contacting the CFAN Chairs. CAPHC is also offering a reduced Family Rate for the entire conference. Please continue to check the CAPHC website for up to date conference registration processes. Contact Lisa.Hawthornthwiate AT or Sherri.wuetherick AT for the complimentary registration code.

CAPHC Conference: October 17th - 19th, 2011

Plans for October's CAPHC Conference in Ottawa are falling quickly into place. After last year's focus on "What's working now?" this year's theme is "Exploring the future of children's health care: What can we expect? How do we prepare?"

Among the highlights: Dr. Michael Evans, a wonderfully good-humored and forward-thinking family doctor, teacher and researcher, will give the keynote and Dr. Brian Goldman of "White Coat, Black Art" fame will lead a participatory session exploring how best to respond to and shape the changes ahead. The next day (Tuesday) will feature a performance of "Ed's Story" from Halifax and concurrent sessions on the future of primary care and impact of social media on everyone involved in child and youth health, a session CFAN will take a particularly active role in helping to plan.

There will be lots of time and space for posters--please think about submitting one yourself--and opportunities throughout for useful and enjoyable networking.

Visit CAPHC for conference information and updates from CFAN.

Patient and Family Centred Care Leaders Collaborative

With support from CFAN and CAPHC a new group has been formed for Leaders who are tasked with leading FCC change at their organizations. Monthly professional development topics with a supportive peer to peer atmosphere is offered for Leaders working in these unique roles. Please contact CFAN Director, robin.england AT for more information about these telesession opportunities.

For information or to register please email CFAN co-chairs Lisa.Hawthornthwiate AT or Sherri.wuetherick AT

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