Recognize a Heart Centre nurse or professional for family-centered excellence

Parents and staff, please  nominating a Labatt Family Heart Centre nurse or allied professional (social workers, respiratory therapists, physiotherapists, occupational therapists etc) who moved you with their family centered care practices for the 2011 Sasha Bella Award for Excellence in Family-Centred Care.

The award is intended for staff who demonstrate exemplary interprofessional family-centred practice and who has cared for a child and family whose hospital course involved multi-organ, multi-service and palliative challenges.

This award is now in its fifth year and is a way for families to give back to staff for their outstanding professionalism and humanity.

Any staff member or parent may nominate by providing a brief letter outlining the suitability of the nominee through an email to Patricia Sutton (patricia.sutton AT

Nominations are being accepted for only one more week so please spread the word.

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