A testimony from the CCCU

During a break in the liver family day I bumped into the clinical director of the Critical Care Unit in the Atrium. He was one of two of Sasha's most senior helpers in CCCU and we had our most challenging conversation about Sasha and care with him about a week into her ICU stay. He sent me this note which I have lightly edited as to the positive impact of the ICU's family communication program which the Sasha Bella Fund For Family-Centered Care supported in 2010 and also to the continued relevance of family supports.
I recently dealt with a very challenging case with team/communication issues, some errors and a complex ICU stay.  The child died and I have been helping the mother get through the post death trauma. I stressed the things that are in place to deal with mitigating error, reporting and review of error and how we create an environment of no blame and encourage individuals to self report in a constructive way. I told her of our experience with getting members of our staff trained in Crucial Confrontations and, further, being trained as trainers. I  am one of 2 physicians here who have done this. After I told her that another family had been instrumental in this happening, she asked me to recognize that family. So here it is.

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