Ruth Hartanto 'Our life with – and without – our daughter'

Beautiful article by a mom about the death of her 13 year old daughter Sydney. What strength, what compassion, what clarity...

Having to say goodbye to our daughter and cuddling in bed with her as she slipped away was the most unnatural, surreal experience. Yet, in another way it was normal and natural. We knew this time would come at some point; our life with her prepared us for it.

For almost 13 years, Sydney helped me find the strength I did not know I had, pushing me to do everything I could to make sure she had the best quality of life possible. I am still blown away by the amazing calmness I felt when my husband and I looked at each other, knowing that the time had come. There was no arguing, no second-guessing. We did everything according to Sydney, and this was going to be same.

Read all of Ruth Hartanto's moving article in the Globe: "Life with - and without - my daughter"

As one commentator put it well, "there is something magical about the power of love" in the most difficult circumstances.

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