National Hospice Palliative Care Week - events at SickKids

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May 4-7 is National Hospice Palliative Care Week and The SickKids Palliative Care and Bereavement Service will host a city wide Grand Rounds on May 4 from 9-10 at Holywood Theatre.

The session will be a panel speaking to the question: Paediatric Hospice Palliative Care, When is the right time to introduce the idea? Panelists will introduce their position based on their clinical expertise and personal reflections, respond to a case study or series of questions and then take audience questions.

Rounds will be followed by presentation of the Interprofessional Practice Pediatric Palliative Care Award supported by The Sasha Bella Fund For Family Centred Care.

Clips of the documentary "A Lion in the House" will be played in the Hollywood Theatre from 1pm to 3 p.m. The documentary looks at the journey of five children as they battle cancer.

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