2010 Sasha Bella Award for excellence in family-centred care meets in two weeks

On the morning of April 21, the Sasha Bella Award selection committee meets to determine winners of the 2009 Sasha Bella Fund Award for Excellence in Family-Centred Care at Labatt Family Heart Centre. While we also fund an Interprofessional practise team award, this is the only award that bears Sasha's name and is very close to our heart. This is without doubt one of the most exciting couple hours in the fund's calendar year as we reconnect with outstanding members of the team and catch up on family centred initiatives. Each year the committee includes several staff who directly cared for Sash.

In this fourth year we have made two extensions to the award after consultation with the Labatt Family Heart Centre. First, in addition to two nurse awards, we have added a third award for an allied professional, for example, respiratory therapists, rehab specialists, nutritianists, social workers and palliative care staff. Second, we are asking for the first time that recipients write a letter to the hospital and fund that reflects on their family-centred care practise within 6 months of receiving the award.

I would like to thank the staff who give of their valuable time, Cecilia Hyslop who has stewarded this award for 4 years and Dr Stephen Schwartz, Head of Critical Care Medicine, who will be attending. It is also our hope that with Dr Schwartz and Dr Jennifer Russell present that we can talk about adding a fourth award for a medical staff.

Read the 2010 Sasha Bella Award for Excellence in Family-Centred Care.

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