Two beautiful days in the life of The Sasha Bella Fund

Yesterday I sorted the envelopes on my desk and saw a thick envelope addressed to The Sasha Bella Fund for Family Centred Care. Inside was a letter from a Toronto lawyer I have never met who wrote that an out of country client had to make restitution and the lawyer thought it most appropriate to help us help family centred care at Sickkids. I turned over the letter and there was a generous cheque. Then, amazingly, several hours later another lawyer called me to tell of an emergency. She had to make a donation for client restitution and wanted it to go to Sasha's fund but needed the receipt today. Could I pick it up? Happily I took this unexpected bounty to Laurel Shillingford at the Foundation where I learned that charitable donations as a part of court ordered restitution are so common there is a tick box for them on the Sickkids Foundation receipt. So ... please mention Sasha's fund to your lawyer friends.

Then this morning I bumped into Treasa and got a very quick update about our Sing! Move! Play! child-parent music group. She mentioned that after playing to groups of various sizes in several venues, Child Life has arranged a semi-permanent venue in Oncology. Then her eyes glowed and she told me that last Friday's session was the best session. A little girl in Oncology was crying, uncomfortable and didn't want to be there. By the end of the session, this little girl was laughing and momentarily transformed. Thank you Treasa. Thank you Sickkids. Thank you to the bad guys who have to make good.

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