Institute for Family Centred Care training seminar in Calgary - October 27-30

I have been negligent in not writing up the wonderful work of the Institute for Family-Centred Care whom I reference in the parent charting notes. I was amazed to get through to one of the advisers / staff on the phone immediately and she then put me in touch with two other advisers with relevant experiences in other hospitals.

The IFCC will travel up from Bethesda, Maryland to hold an intensive training seminar in Calgary from October 27-30, 2008 titled Hospitals and Communities Moving Forward with Patient-and-Family-Centred Care: An Intensive Training Seminar Enhancing Quality and Safety for Patients and Their Families.

Their latest research effort is the 178 page PDF titled Partnering with Parents and Families ... Recommendations and Promising Practises.

Their Resources section offers a wide range of free downloads and for fee booklets focused on family centred self-assessment and support for parent involvement and family advisory.

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