Update on The Sasha Bella Fund at Sick Kids Hospital

We were stunned on Wednesday by the donation of $5000.00 to Sasha's new fund by Michael Garbe of Accelerated Connections and Hip. Thank you so much Michael!

Over the last 6 months we have gained support for several initiatives to help other kids and families and with Michael's incredible generosity taking us to our first $10,000.00 we are inspired to begin our first projects to help other kids as a tribute to Sasha:

  • a yearly recognition for nurses or nursing teams on 4D that exemplify family centred care practises, especially where palliative care support needs exist
  • encouragement of more routine contact between Cardiology and Palliative Care when young children present multi-organ challenges and an extended surgical plan
  • help explore a redeveloped Palliative Care website that supports research, parent and caregiver communication in hospital and at home and grief support for families
  • participation in the 2007 Unicorn Ball fund-raiser for The Temmy Latner Centre
  • physical supports like a stroller (sasha loved to stroll the halls and it was unfortunately the only way out of her room for 4 months) and possibly high speed internet for the kids playroom (we will also need a computer tied to that)
  • an initiative with GI that is yet to be sketched out, possibly helping with efforts to better diagnose and treat kid's portal hypertension: Sasha died of a GI bleed caused by esophageal varices from portal hypertension aggravated by surgical complications

As we learn, share ideas and start the process of formalizing the Fund's activities, our family helps with ideas for events that can perpetuate and grow the fund. Thanks for your interest and support!

In parting here is a quote I saw after exiting a discussion about how to social network the world to fully funded programs; how perfect.

"Hope sees the invisible, feels the intangible and achieves the impossible."

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