Please help the Sasha Bella Fund for Family Centered Care

It was five years ago this coming week that we brought Sasha to SickKids for her second heart surgery and her world turned upside down. And each holiday season we remember and think of all those at SickKids and also count our blessings.

We are expecting a boy in January so this year rather than holding a fun day we will simply appeal for your support online. Thanks to the generosity of so many over four years, almost S100,000 dollars has been carefully directed to 25 and counting initiatives supporting patient and family centered care, patient safety and palliative care.

These are traditionally less funded areas and we think they are vital to humanizing care, making it safer and broadly improving the experiences of children, families and staff. If you similarly value these programs please
help the Sasha Bella Fund help SickKids families.

The link lets you donate or sign up to get friends and family to sponsor you. Or here is some information you can pass on via email to those you think might help.

Please help The Sasha Bella Fund support patient and family-centred care projects at The Hospital for Sick Children (SickKids).

Sasha Bella Stein-Blumberg was born June 6, 2004 with Alagille Syndrome and
a compromised liver and heart. She was a sweet, loving and determined little girl who lived with gusto. After Sasha's death on June 20, 2006, her parents established a fund to honor her spirit and reciprocate the compassion and skill of staff who cared for her and the family under difficult circumstances.

The fund priorities are supporting SickKids achieve best practice patient
and family-centred care, patient safety and palliative care.

In four years, the Sasha Bella Fund has:

- directed almost $100,000 to 25 low cost, high impact initiatives as of
November 2010. View a list of initiatives at
- worked with staff at The Labatt Family Heart Centre, Palliative and
Bereavement Care Service, Nursing, Patient Safety, The IPP Team, GI and
Liver, NICU, Child Life, Sickkids Family Council
- participated at hospital conferences, symposiums, workshops, education
sessions, focus groups and family advisory meetings

SickKids is among the top 5 paediatric research hospitals in the world. Be a part of it by supporting The Sasha Bella Fund For Family-Centred Care at
SickKids Foundation!

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