Safety team recommends end to car seat loan program

Currently The Going Home page explains to parents:

Taking your child home safely

We want to make sure that you get home safely. All children must be fastened into an approved car or booster seat or wear a seatbelt while they are travelling in a car.

Please bring your child’s car seat with you when you come to take your child home.

Parent Tip! Ask your nurse about borrowing a car seat. (emphasis in original)

If a new safety report's recommendations are adopted, this parent tip will disappear along with the car seat loan program. A review lead by NICU found that cleaning, maintaining and educating staff on multiple models was an onerous and inconsistently practised and presented a safety concern. The report recommends existing seats be removed and that families be responsible for installing a car seat by discharge date and securing their child. Staff will confirm a car seat has been arranged as part of the discharge process and the hospital is working on streamlining advance discharge planning to avoid little notice discharges. The policy does not apply to children needing breathing support and transported home by hospital arranged professionals.

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