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I just received my first new SickKids Hospital e-newsletter called @sickkids and I opened the email like it was a present, which it was. I really am happy to see this quarterly roundup - this issue included eight articles which link to website stories and one Did You Know tip. Here is the link to the latest issue and to subscribe to the newsletter you can email At.SickKids@sickkids.ca or subscribe online. And so we read that:
SickKids has been inducted into the Palladium Balanced Scorecard Hall of Fame for Executing Strategy, one of the preeminent awards in enterprise performance management which has been presented to only a few hospitals in North America. 
SickKids was inducted along with the Federal Bureau of Investigation, Cisco and other companies you may know, and some you wont. We learn from the fact sheet that:
"Most hospitals have a set of key performance indicators focused on clinical measures. SickKids wanted more than a measurement tool; they were looking for a new way of managing. They implemented a comprehensive strategy management approach. SickKids strategy maps and scorecards drive management meetings, with agendas that focus on a rotating set of strategic themes. In three years operating margins jumped 80%, international revenue increased fivefold, medication reconciliation improved from 33% to 78%, and MRI wait times improved 34%. Patient satisfaction and employee engagement are also up. “We are at the leading edge of the curve in health system performance in key areas,” says Mary Jo Haddad, president and CEO. “Our Office of Strategy Management has been instrumental in cascading the Kaplan-Norton approach. We have developed strategy execution as a core competency across the enterprise that has helped us achieve an execution premium.”
Those working on patient and family centered care should mind the scorecard's "simple premise". 
The Hall of Fame award honors organizations that have achieved execution excellence through the use of the Balanced Scorecard (BSC), the world’s preeminent strategy and performance management system. The BSC is based on the simple premise that “what gets measured is what gets done. (emphasis added)”
What are the measures we will use to chart family-centered care improvements?

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