Patient safety resources: Safe To Ask, Chasing Zero

Do you know how to keep your child safe in hospital?

Read about how to be a patient safety partner with staff at SickKids.

Check out these five very short patient safety videos on Manitoba's SafeToAsk website.

And for those who want more, here is a link to the 53 minute film Chasing Zero by Dennis Quaid which moved audiences at Patient Safety Week this summer. I defy you to watch any amount of this video and not be shocked, inspired and a little teary. The Quaids have done a great job of focusing and ramping up the patient safety crusade and they follow in the footsteps of many other parents who over the years stuck their necks out to advocate for a culture that focuses on eliminating preventable harm and that prioritizes the emotional needs of the family and staff to communicate transparently and honestly above institutional fears of professional liability.

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