Remembrance, celebration, siblings and work around Sasha's month

June 6 is Sasha's birthday and June 20 is the day of her death at age 2. This anniversary was particularly poignant for me because we have started talking about Sasha with her sisters. I was surprised that Eve, aged 2, was the first to ask about Sasha. Sitting on my lap, watching family videos, she pointed to a picture of Sasha and asked me to play it. Afterward she asked, 'Where is Sasha?' Pleasantly startled I took a few seconds to think about my reply and then I touched my heart and said 'Sasha is in our hearts, she is everywhere when we think of her.' At the moment it was the best I could do. She seemed ok with the answer and jumped off my lap and went to play with toys. A few months later in May, Mia, almost 4, asked why we were going to the cemetery. I told her that Sasha is buried at the cemetery and we were going to visit her. She asked why Sasha is in the cemetery. I explained not for the first time that Sasha had died because she was born with a body that did not work well and we tried to help her but her body stopped working. I remembered reading that it is not good to say she was sick, so they are not afraid when they are sick. The other big event in June is Mia's birthday one day after Sasha's death which was a very fun time at an indoor playground. We are still working out how to celebrate Sasha with our kids so young - hopefully next year we will feel bold enough to light a cupcake candle with Mia and Eve for Sasha on her birthday. As you all know, work at SickKids is a way to give back to amazing staff and families and to honor Sasha's memory. The last few months have been very busy; here are a few highlights.

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