Palliative physician Christine Newman receives Robert Salter Humanitarian Award

Congratulations to SickKids palliative care physician Dr Christine Newman on receiving the Robert Salter Humanitarian Award from SickKids Foundation, among the most prestigious family-centred awards at Hospital for Sick Children. Chris, along with Maria Rugg, Laura Beaune and Maru Barrera, in addition to all their care practise, have been constant guides and mentors to parents wishing to assist the palliative and bereavement service at SickKids. The humanitarian award nomination letter for Chris by staff and families is an inspiring and emotional read about Chris's work with families and other staff. When Catherine Fenton describes the home care of her daughter Carmen she sums up in one sentence the essential power and challenge of the palliative intervention: "Chris sees the dignity and beauty in dying and death, and coaxes people to stretch and meet her there.” This award recognizes the excellence of Dr Christine Newman and honors SickKids palliative care service widely.

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