e-Patient Dave deBronkart is in Toronto June 17 for OHA PCC symposium

Dave's keynote is appropriately The Voice of Patient Engagement as he has come to symbolize patient partnership and advocasy. On Twitter over 3000 people follow his posts and the latest post on his blog asks for opportunities to speak and offers some great testimonials.

“Your content was great, your slides most impressive, and your delivery spectacular. I have no doubt – there are many in the room who are in a different place now because of you.” Jim Conway, MD

“e-Patient Dave gave the best keynote I have heard in years at the ICSI conference in the Twin Cities. If you want to learn and cry, book him.” Kent Bottles, MD


  1. My goodness - I'm humbled by your generous note. (This popped up in my Google Alerts.)

    It's an unexpected honor to have tumbled into this position where somehow what "little ol' me" has to say about healthcare is drawing an audience. All very odd, since I didn't set out with an ambition for this, but here I am.

    If you could get any message into the ears of the OHA audience, what would it be? How would you want them to improve healthcare locally?

  2. Thanks for dropping by Dave! In the paediatric setting, if I could choose just one item that had the potential to facilitate others, it would be rolling out electronic communication between patient, family and health care team. We have bungled electronic health records in Ontario and are now years behind the curve. We have top notch staff and managers but almost all care care communication happens face to face with paper records. Online messaging and records that gets all our voices 'on the record' will help with way finding, education (both ways) and patient safety widely. We expect this for banking transactions and even small projects in our corporate world and yet our health and our kids health are so much more important. Best with the OHA keynote!

  3. Anonymous9:08 AM

    Jonathan one of your recent posts mentioned the importance of accountability. To me this is the biggest issue. Whether charts are paper or electronic, who is responsible for knowing the information in them, who is responsible for knowing my child, for connecting with and supporting our family?
    Dave you are a great example of how to be an advocate, but we need partners in the system. I am glad you will be speaking at the symposium.

  4. Anonymous8:06 PM

    Sharing power and effective communication....as a mother of a child emmersed within the health care system for more than 9 years, finding the teams, the people who made attempts to connect with the family, finding common ground through the exploration of problems, goals, roles and decisions made the hardest times, moments "better". Crisis times when decisions must be made quickly, under extreme duress can be brought back later to be reviewed and debriefed without feeling you have been blindsided bc trust has been created btwn both parties. So what who cares attitudes by some bc they believe that ultimately no "relationship" can affect a health outcome need to understand healing is enhanced by a strong positive patient/family provider relationship

    Karen W