Dr Steven Schwartz of SickKids CCCU appointed new cardiovascular chair

Congratulations to Dr Steven Schwartz on his appointment as inaugural holder of The Norine Rose Chair in Cardiovascular Sciences. Dr Schwartz started at SickKids while Sasha was in CCCU and I first met him as he visited all the bedsides and introduced himself to families on the unit. Though he was not on Sasha's care team I have talked with Dr Schwartz several times about communication between staff and families in the ICU. So it was very encouraging to see him champion a new communication training module focused on resolving staff-family confrontation and the Sasha Bella Fund supported the launch of the program. I hope this new role offers Dr Schwartz more resources to continue evolving patient and family supports and particularly to strike an interprofessional group that can work with parent volunteers who experienced care delivery in the cardiac and paediatric intensive care units. I think the Labatt Family Heart Centre will benefit greatly from an advisory and clearing-house for patient and family-centred concerns encompassing both the ICU and Floor 4.

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