2009 Project Database for Nursing Leadership Institute and Health Leaders Institute

The Nursing Leadership Institute & Health Leaders Institute 2009 Combined Project Database is an excellent resource listing hospital teams recently engaged in particular hospital and care research projects.

The database is organized into four sections: Care Delivery, Healthy Workplace, Business of Healthcare, and Personal/Professional/Team Development. The first section, Care Delivery, is further broken down into Models of Care, Care Pathways/Best Practices, Client/Patient-Centred Care, Introducing or Changing Clinical Program/Practice, Patient Flow, Community Development/Population Health.

If you put the following words into the PDF document search - Hospital for Sick Children, parent, palliative - here are some of the results. (staff, phone number ommitted and some typos corrected).

Family-centred developmentally supportive care mapping for infants and families in the NICU. Develop & implement a Family-Centred care map which incorporates best practice guidelines and system of evaluation, Hospital for Sick Children [project is supported by NICU's staff and parent Family Care Committee on which I participate]

Improving transitions for families with serious prenatal diagnoses to pediatric care. Document the transitions process of prenatally diagnosed infants from Mt Sinai to SickKids; Develop a tool for families to document & share experiences; Develop plan for disseminating info to providers. Hospital for Sick Children

Advance Care Planning (End of Life). Implement process hospital-wide for developing plans of care for children with life-threatening illness that reflect communication between healthcare professionals & families about wants, needs and desires for end of life care. Hospital for Sick Children

Addressing diversity in meeting child & family needs. Professional dev't program that addresses new standards of care; issues of RT diversity. Action focused program for interprofessional staff. Hospital for Sick Children

Opening the door to a natural death. Develop a reflective practice tool for health care professionals, addressing their values, attitudes and beliefs about end-of-life. Hamilton Health Sciences Centre

CCU Guidelines to support the delivery of quality end of life care. The development of guidelines to assist the team in providing quality end of life care to our ICU patients and their families. Guidelines may include withdrawal of care, family meetings, analgesia & sedation, organ & tissue donation. Guelph General Hospital

Engaging patients and families as part of the healthcare team. Developing guidelines for fully engaging patients and families as part of the healthcare team.
Riverview Health Centre

A tool to facilitate daily care of long-term hospitalized children in the CCU and PICU. The creation of a tool to facilitate consistent daily care for children who experiencelong-term hospitalization in the PICU & CCU. Hospital for Sick Children

Peer support for parents. Development of a parent peer support program. Hospital for Sick Children. [very happy to see this one and that I know all four of the practitioners on the list]

Taking care of those who care. Create an environment that provides coping resiliency for health care professionals, patients and parents at SickKids.
Hospital for Sick Children

Parental Presence during OR induction. A program that allows patients and the care-tiver to have/give support during induction in ALL surgeries. Hospital for Sick Children

Development of Palliative Care Unit. Transforming oncology / medicine unit of 30 beds by dividing unit into a medicine oncology unit and a palliative care unit.
Southlake Regional Health Centre

Family Centred Care (FCC) & Interprofessional Practice (IPP) Health Leadership Institute Evaluation Project. To evaluate through measurable outcomes, the impact of
participation in the HLI on advancing FCC & IPP. Hospital for Sick Children.

Implementation of a nurse led critical care response team (CCRT). Improved patient safety, quality, teamwork, and utilization of resources with a CCRT. Cambridge Memorial Hospital

I could go on listing exciting projects all day but I thinks these 14 items out of the 900 on the list convey what a useful document this is. This project database is also a great place to identify projects that need research championship; the keywords "error", "disclosure", "adverse event" do not produce any results although it is an important issue and the manner that disclosure happens and potential involvement of parents in error review is being researched.

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