Have you ever been uncomfortable asking care questions?

Joy Bennet at Cincinnati Children's Hospital has setup a one question survey focused on a very important question for parents. Please consider helping gather data by filling in the survey. Joy writes:

I am working on a family-led project to help families feel more comfortable asking questions or even stopping care if they have a serious concern.

We have created a short, one-question survey to gather input on the reasons why families are reluctant to voice their concerns. We would love for each of you to answer the survey based on your personal experience as a parent or family member.

We also ask that you consider emailing this link to your family mailing list so that we can gather data from a broad range of families.

Once we've analyzed the results, we will share them with all of you.

The survey is here

Thank you so much!

Joy Bennett
Parent Coordinator and Co-chair
Family Advisory Council
Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center

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