Children help children facing death at early age

Children at a church in Toronto wished to help children facing death at a young age and for Lent, with advice from their parents, are supporting the Sasha Bella Fund. Here is the writeup in the church's current newsletter:

THE SASHA BELLA FUND for Family Centered Care was created in menory of a little girl named Sasha Bella. Sasha was born June 6, 2004 with multiple health conditions. After a brave fight, she died with her family at her side. Her family thought it was important for families in similar situations to be able to have their child at home during the last stages of palliative care. They established the fund in her memory. It is difficult to think of any child fighting a prolonged terminal illness and so, the children of PromiseLand, with the input of ideas from their parents, decided they wanted to help those who face death at an early age. We invite you to join us in making a contribution to this fund.... This Lent, let’s all help the children of our city to die with dignity.

We celebrate the children's love and generosity and purity of purpose and thank the parents for their support.

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