Immersive multi-sensory therapy for the occupational and physical therapists

On Wednesday June 24th, four therapists from Sickkids attended a demonstration of the multi-sensory immersive therapies being produced by Gesturetek. President Ron Kelusky and VP Scott Robinson demonstrated the Ground Effects, IREX/GX and Mobile Therapy Suite and we all participated. Alison, Steph, Lori and Lisa brought expertise from Sickkids physical and occupational therapy roles on the wards and in the Cardiac ICU. It has long been a dream of mine that the Sasha Bella Fund help bring state of the art recreational, diagnostic and clinical tools to the occupational and physical therapists whose work is so crucial for recovery. I love the fact that patients and parents can together in the ICU and on the wards.

Here Scott is demonstrating the IREX system which is first calibrated to the arm length and height of each user and keeps stats on the numbers of successful and unsuccessful efforts.

Here is an example of the mobile therapy suite. The smiles and concentration on this little girl's face is priceless.

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