Walking with Mia, Tim and Sasha's spirit

Tim Wilson met Mia and I at Cedarvale and we hit the swings and slides and then walked into Cedarvale Ravine where he filmed us for a movie on Stephen Jenkinson and palliative care. Sasha's story will be the only paediatric palliative care story in the film for the National Film Board. We walked the path that Pamela and Sasha walked almost every day, Mia loving the little foot bridges, walking across, then back and again. We met some dogs and other walkers and then chatted by the bridge that had been the turn-around point on the first Sasha Bella Walk in June. We talked about the fund-raising walk in June, differences in mine and Pamela's roles and what it meant to come home with Sasha.

You can read about Tim's projects at his website including an intriguing article on a father's tools or view shorts of 17 of his documentaries including the stunning demo short for Grief Walker on the work of Stephen Jenkinson that has been the subject of Tim's interviews with us. Stephen helped us face up to Sasha dying so that we could bring her home - -"Counselor and palliative care worker Stephen Jenkinson takes a radically different approach to the care of the terminally ill. He advises that they 'abandon false hope' and turn instead to grief. 'I teach the art,' he says, 'of being broken-hearted.' Moreover, he insists that each of us has an obligation to die well." Stephen offers the keynote tomorrow afternoon to open the 2007 Canadian Hospice Palliative Care Conference.

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