Eve Beatrice joins the family

Eve joined us 2am Saturday November 10, she came out in a hurry, so quickly Pamela didnt have time for an epidural. The upside of that is that Mom felt was on her feet the next day and her recovery seemed much faster. Eve latched immediately in the delivery room and is now working her way through night feeds with a vengeance while sleeping most of the day. She is an intense little girl who we hope grows up to look just like Mamma because Mia is the splitting image of Dad.

Mia gives her new sister hugs and kisses but we have to watch her like a hawk as she doesn't know her strength, especially when enthusiastic. Hmmm, how high can I push this swing seat?!

With the loaner of a breast friend and baby swing Eve is in stride and Mom is sleeping more now than she did when in the uncomfortable pregnant times. Mom even let Dad go to SickKids on Monday for IPP day, though that only lasted until lunchtime! So happy to have two little girls with us and our beautiful Sasha's spirit feels so very close.


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    anonymous would be me-Jess.

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    What beautiful girls! Thanks for posting a piccie of them both - Congratulations!!!!!


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    Pamela and Jonathan - congratulations on the arrival of Eve!

    I just had my third at the beginning of October, so our little ones are one month apart!

    Wishing the four of you all the best as you welcome this new little joy into your lives!

    Heather Rivlin

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    i hate facebook~and personal websites~!

  6. Eve Beatrice is gorgeous and we are thrilled to welcome grandchild number 6. She is thriving and Pam is obviously a good storehouse for nutrition. Pam and Jon enjoy your girls - may they bring you much pleasure.
    Sasha is always in our thoughts and heart. We are amazed at what good is being done in her honor and name.