SickKids Interprofessional Practise Week and Sasha

SickKids Hospital will hold their first IPP (Interprofessional Practise) Week from November 12 to November 16 and it is an important milestone for SickKids. The Sasha Bella Fund for Family-Centred Care is proud to help sponsor this initiative. Since 2005, Bonnie Fleming-Carroll and Natasha Brownrigg have been working on SickKids IPP, resulting in concerted effort to discuss, map and address IPP challenges. In January 2006 I picked up a copy of the IPP update and it gave me a good introduction to communication challenges across the hospital and got me thinking about family-team communication. For Bonnie, Sasha was one of the inspirations of IPP week as she wrote to us in an email: "we should dedicate the whole day (Nov. 12th) to Sasha Bella. Sasha Bella and your family's experience is a key reason for the day". As Ron Laxer wrote in the second newsletter reporting on SickKids IPP work: “At the heart of the IPP model is an intent to ease the journey of both patients and families through the care process. We need this kind of model to promote and support the practices of family-centred care.” (see all of SickKids IPP newsletters to date on the right side of this blog - thanks Natasha).

I invite friends of the Sasha Bella Fund to join me at 8am on November 12, 2007 in the Main Auditorium (Hollywood Theatre) to launch the first IPP week at SickKids Hospital. I will offer some thoughts on Sasha's experience and IPP; see also the SickKids IPP week calendar of events. Parents and kids take for granted that everyone on the team is sharing information and coordinating care efficiently however IPP requires ongoing focus and committment. As the document states: "Promoting effective inter-professional collaboration in the delivery of health care in Canada has become a national priority based on evidence that it may contribute to improved teamwork and collaboration, increased job satisfaction, and a reduction in patient morbidity." Effective IPP is also critical to effective Family Centred-Care.

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