A snapshot of the fundraising needs for paediatric palliative care at one Toronto centre of excellence

The Sasha Bella Fund for Family-Centred Care focuses our efforts on raising funds for SickKids Hospital for family-centred, interprofessional and palliative initiatives to help SickKids nurses, doctors and allied professionals continue to evolve advanced models for family communication. We think this is the best way for us to direct Sasha's experience to support other kids and care teams. We offer a parallel track to the highly successful large scale fund raising for expensive new equipment and research. While our focus is supporting critical 'soft' processes within SickKids Hospital we will forever be grateful for the sensitivity and expertise at The Temmy Latner Centre who, working with SickKids Hospital, organized a multi-disciplinary care team for Sasha in the community so that we could bring her home. Here are figures provided as of September 2007 by Temmy Latner Centre sharing the scope of the fundraising needs. All figures relate to The Max and Beatrice Wolfe Centre for Children’s Grief and Palliative Care.

Number of grief and paediatric palliative care referrals since May 2006: 136
Number of grieving or terminally ill children and their siblings supported since May 2006: 263
Number of community presentations since May 2006: 140
Number of classmates of grieving or terminally ill children seen so far this school year: 350
Number of people who did this work: 6
Number of new dollars needed to hire a counsellor skilled in children’s grief and palliative care: $80,000
Number of new dollars needed to develop and distribute education material: $10,000
Number of new dollars needed to buy equipment for teens to film their stories, for and about their families: $5,000
Number of new dollars needed to buy a years worth of journals and activity books for kids and teens: $2,000
Number of new dollars needed to fund a week long multi-media arts camp for kids and teens in The Unicorn Room: $3,000
The chance to make all of this available to the next child who needs us:

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