Sasha's wonderful SickKids nurses

Sasha's SickKids nurses work 12 hour shifts requiring meticulous concentration, exquisite gentleness and expansive empathy for young patients and their parents. We simply take these extreme skill sets for granted though it is hard to imagine a more difficult balancing act. Sasha's nurses would typically chat her up and get a smile before reaching for the caps or bandages and all pricks were pre-discussed in case Mom had any thoughts about where and when. SickKids nurses visited Sasha during her end of life return home, came to her funeral and shiva (accompanied by Sasha's doctor) and visited us for tea and cookies as we grieved our little peach these last 12 months. And I suspect its not a case that a nurses's work is never finished as much as that the bond that develops inside the hospital is too great to be boundered by its walls. The T-shirts had Sasha's picture on the back but I suddenly realised that all the nurses had Sasha's picture on the front; for the picture, they flipped their T-shirts. So kind and so clever.

Dad with Grace, Riley, Lauren, Julie and Tessie

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