Remembering Rotem: parents write about the ICU experience and their grief

I was moved by an article describing the life and death of Rotem Engel, the public internet updates by his parents Dana and Oded and the internet circle that supported them as their young son struggled to live and then died in ICU. They do not know what caused his symptoms but they moved mountains to bring him up to age 6 and loved and cared for him fiercely. They poured their heart out on the internet as he was in CCU, relating how they begged their son whose organs were failing to not give up, the father's lament that he failed his son, questions as to did they do enough. I could feel again that sickening wait between endless tests to see if a failing organ will rebound and your child survive - without even knowing what comes next. The article ends with discussion of public grief writing and support on the internet and touches on sibling loss and grief work with a detailed look at how intensive the ICU experience can be if the parents wish doctors to provide every support available. Collective Coping is a painful, inspiring snapshot of the brave struggle of one medically fragile child and the love and support of his parents and the support of strangers in an Israeli internet forum.

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